We doLandscape Lighting and home security so you can relax

Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage, LED lighting is an energy efficient alternative to traditional home lighting . Plus, a well lit home provides a safe, and secure environment.

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Monitor Anywhere

Control lighting, locks, or thermostats from a phone or tablet. Keep track of activity inside or outside the home with hi-def video and audio.

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Experience counts

New Hampshire Outdoor Lighting has been installing and servicing low voltage landscape lighting systems across New Hampshire for over 10 years.

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Why install landscape lighting?

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High voltage floodlights leave dark shadows and unseen areas. Landscape lighting can be strategically placed to provide low-level’s of even illumination around the property.


Low Voltage lighting is the ideal choice for illuminating walkways and entranceways. This ensures that residents and visitors can safely navigate around the property.


Illuminating the private areas of a property allows the evening enjoyment of decks, sitting areas, and recreational spaces.


Low voltage lighting accentuates the shapes and textures of a landscape and its structures. Lighting designers paint pictures with light, create dramatic scenes that give the viewer a dynamic experience of the property.


Low voltage lighting consumes about 1/3 the electricity compared to high voltage systems and is far less expensive to install.


New Hampshire Outdoor Lighting systems are designed to meet your needs today and for any future expansion.

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